Thursday, July 24, 2014

This is Why God Made Poets

A young Langston Hughes

My poem was inspired by a comment from a friend Ann, a few weeks ago who is a lover of books.

This Why God Made Poets
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©14

To give voice to heART
To share of the words in words swirling dreams not easy to come by...
To unravel the tangled doing a tango...
To put glide in the slide
To rage...
To engage
To enslave
To mesmerize
To preen...
To be seen...
To gleen
The ending not yet begun
To gather
Or rather another way to be you.
Or me...
To go the way you want to glow.
Or find a place a space
Or in case
There's the one thing you want to try...
To give a scream a sound...
To round out the edges...
That may have one bound...
To take it back
To steal away...
To inscribe
Or arrive...
To zydeco in the moonlight when its cold outside
Or in the heart.
To awaken
To gallop at a frenzy
To unlock & release that sad heart imprisoned
And release a brain too tried...
To add bounce to the jive

(You ain't never lied)...

To carress sweet nothings in the nape of the neck...
And to a weary ear bombarded
With so much audio graffitti that it don't know the comings
And the goin'...
To declare
To swear
To bear...
To find rightness again...
To see humanity
And being kind & humane...
To speak for the muted
Or the blinded heart
Or the lost soul
And at the end of the day...
To simply say Amen
That is why God made poets.
All rights reserved JHM©14

Monday, June 30, 2014

Under My Fig Tree: Standing in the Shadows (No More)

"You often realize your true courage when you are discouraged, your deepest faith upon your deepest fall & your greatest triumph from your greatest trial"~Cory Booker

I will not let myself down nor the vision.  There will be a continuation, a plugging in until there is no breath, no shred of energy, no place else to turn.

And then I will make it happen.

Rhythm Cadence to the Left JHM14
 Rhythm Cadence2 the Right JHM14
 "Come on Down"!JHM13

Sometimes you just gotta step out there...

Please read, share or support in whatever way you can.  The smallest gesture can bring about radical change not only for the individual but ripple out in ways unimagined.


"Mes Petit Jolie" (My pretty Littles) JHM14

Thursday, May 29, 2014

In The View of Gus Bennett, Jr

The man is beyond Scrumptious. Whatever the it is; he shaped it.

See Gus' New Orleans People Project.

JACQUELYN HUGHES MOONEY  Visual Poet/Lecturer/Idealist-Dreamer/Seasoned Storytelling Woman...

 shaped her "rhythm & views" with daydreams, books, dollhouses & coloring books with exuberance as a child in her native New Orleans & later as a teen & adult in Southern California.She sees herself with a NOLa vibe with a West Coast groove.

Jacquelyn, rocking her vibrant rhythmical Big City Women quilted fiber art challenging the beholder to embrace the world with fire & passion.

"Moon" as she is affectionately called by close friends, often incorporate in the quilts, poetry & storytelling divergent patterns that can whisper or shout a compelling story. She want for people to appreciate that even "mistakes"/imperfections/ raw edges can have a beauty of its own.
Highly empathetic & intuitive, her sensitivity to others' plights is tempered with her belief that every person deserves dignity & respect which is the roots of her Fig Tree Project. With her mes affaires belle (my beautiful belongings), Jacquelyn still views the world with a child's wonder yet seasoned as a fully grown Big City Woman.


This official 2014 NEW ORLEANS PEOPLE PROJECT photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement by the 2013 NEW ORLEANS PEOPLE PROJECT or Photographer Gus Bennett, Jr.

See More

— with Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney in New Orleans, LA.

A Long, Long Way....

"Nothing human can be alien to me" ~Dr. Maya Angelou

A wonderful singer,Ilene Martinez, an Austin singer residing in France as an expat, sent me this to me on Facebook last night.

She remembered my sharing this quote of Dr. Angelou of whom I quote often right along with Dr.  Johnnetta Cole, George Fraser & Oprah...

People who know me well are fully aware that I save quotes and use them in my life.

I just thought when I saw Ilene had done this was how one thing said can ripple out & influence yet another ...and another...and another.

Rara Avis: It is Time to Fly©14JHM

Dr. Johnnetta Cole, a most exceptional woman.

Never Say Goodbye~This is How I Choose To Remember

This is How I Choose To Remember
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney ©14

This is how I choose to remember...
This majestic, gracious, colorful..
Cherished Mother/Mentor/Sister friend...
Nobel Laureate/Believer
Giver to all her daughters not of her womb.
And to her son & sons
Far too many to name
Who by merely being the sum of it all...
The fears...
The tears...
Triumphs & tragedies
Rising far beyond
But never submerging the faith
The all that might not have been
Had she not gone the way she chose...
The many me's not of her womb...
That were shaped...
By the stature
The grace
The pace
And that voice!
Magnificantly rich
And endowned
Surrounding you
Dancing & tickling
With its resonance & radiance
That cadence...
This is the Angelou I choose to remember...
In all the days...
Until she gets the call...
And answers.

. Maya Angelou 1928-2014