Tuesday, April 28, 2015

And Still...

If I knew the Answer

There are those days, man... it just make you wonder and then that is too much work... When there is Time for Beauty just because I needed to See...



And then...

One of my favorite artist Agnieszka Kukawska

If I knew all the answers
To every question you'd ever asked, thought or imagined,
Would it change how things are now?
If I could stop time, speed it up or slow it down
Would it all be different somehow?
If I could give you the world on a plate, special powers
Or an amazing trait
Would life still remain mundane?
I wonder if you'd love me more, less or just the same.
If I knew,
I'd give it all to you

Sunday May 3rd Lydia's 1st Purple Moon:I am IshaShah reception

The Lydia's 1st Purple Moon:  I am IshShah will close on May 7th,2015.  This is only Phase One.


This time I will get to sit down and enjoy their sounds...


Monday, April 20, 2015


There are indeed those days when you wonder "What or Why am I doing this"?

"If you're gonna play the game, boy, ya gotta learn to play it right. You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, Know when to walk away and know when to run. You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table. There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done"....... So dern true


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It is nice to step back for a moment to see where You were ..and going to.

Man on the String

By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©03

"I am the man on the string"…

And he sings a celebration that swept the world.
Flowing with a haunting refrain…
(Will you continue to sing?)
Long after the man on the string…
Stopped long enough…
Only to begin still another celebration unto me.

This man on a string continues to sing.
Oh so doing his thing in the belly of the Neutral Ground.
A sound that vibrated around the world.
And he brings no steel to the space on Daneel (Street)
He is just bringing another celebration song to thee.
All rights reserved JHM 7-13-03©

Jenn Brigham, artist

His Sound

By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney ©03

His sound was like John Denver with cayenne pepper…

Thrown in for good measure.
And his sound wrapped around my left ear.
Engaging his heart’s life to my soul.
His sound is like John Denver with cayenne thrown in for good measure.
(Fly away….Fly away…. Flay a-waaaay!)

All rights reserved JHM 7-13-03©

Diane "Mimi" Baquet, artist

National Poetry Month_A Blast from the Past!

Spooning the Moon

By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney ©04

Did you spoon the moon in June?
But only in the afternoon?
I was smitten, sitting under a lyrical tune…
Whose delighted fragrance ended far too soon.
This is why I long to see you spoon the moon in June.

When you spoon the moon in June…
Did you piddle paddle in a canoe…
Upwardly on the blue lagoon?
And with your fingertips you drew the world in air kissed bubbles in June?
As you spoon the moon.

Oh say can you see at noon?
What you did to dispel the gloom?
Your love for me that your lips croon…
And this is what I love to see you soon…
To spoon the moon in June.
All rights reserved JHM 1-24-04©

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Opening of the Standing in the Shadows (no more) exhibition at Ashe Cultural Art Center March 6,2015

Well we are coming around the closing our our workshops at Ashe Cultural Art CenterShadows no More last day will be January 27th,2015.  I'll then have the fun and the honor to document the quilts and prepare to mount the show on March 3nd.

The Ashe Quilt~ Karel Sloane Boekbinder,artist

The opening reception is on Friday March 6th. 

Addendum:  I am delighted to say that our Standing in the Shadows workshops have now become part of Ashe's family!

We have now become "Lydia's Purple Cloth Comunity Group". You are invited to participate in the classes held every Tues from 6-8pm at Ashe.

Part of the vision for Standing in the Shadows (no more) was the foundation for not only these women but others to examine in a creative way a desire not to be swallowed up by shadows, either ones of their own makings but also dynamics others try to force them into.  Quilting, a millineum old tradition dating back to ancient Africa & China is being used as that jump off point. For many, this was a safe, soothing yet forceful way to articulate sometime what could barely be thought of let along being spoken of.
Shadows don't always have to be somethng formidable... sometime it is a quiet yearning, a secret desire to do things a bit differently, to try or embrace smething new or see yourself in a different light. 

Now we will have as a sister companion exhibition opening a few days later at Galerie 1501 located at 1501 Canal Street the "Lydia's 1st Purple Moon: You are Ish-Shah" (Hebrew for woman) exhibition that will run from March 10th-May 10th.  You wil see many more pieces of these talented women, other women artists and their allies there in support to the "Standing in the Shadows No More"