Thursday, December 18, 2014

Seasoned enVieux: Here We Glow!


Pop-up Gallery Launching a Talented Cross-Section of Unique Artists’
Works at Dec. 19 Opening Event

NEW ORLEANS, LA - December 15, 2014 – Galerie 1504 is pleased to present a
group exhibition of new works featuring all Gallery artists. The “Seasoned en Vieux” exhibit will run from December 19, 2014 – January 11, 2015 with an invitation-only, opening reception on Friday, December 19th from 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. This exhibit is a part of the Galerie 1501 pop-up series, spotlighting various collections of art for a limited time in alternative spaces.

“Seasoned en Vieux" or “A Seasoned View” is a multi-faceted exhibit with a number of thought provoking themes that are meant to dispel the common thought of our society as a whole. One of the most prevalent of these themes being that individual talent does not simply dissipate with age, but rather it grows in wisdom and perspective as time passes. Just as this theme is meant to dispel these specific misconceptions in both the creative realm and general society, it is also intended as a caveat of positive change for
senior citizens & their allies, to dispel the myth about the ones who are entering their encore years with panache!

This Galerie 1501 pop-up showcase will be located at 1501 Canal Street on the first floor of the historic Texaco building. HRI Properties has kindly donated this temporary exhibit space as a part of their mission to enhance the lives and sensibilities of their tenants, as well as, creatively enhance the current Canal Street Renaissance process.

“Seasoned en Vieux” is made up of various artistic disciplines; such as photography, studio art, quilts, sculptures, muralists, and wearable art. Seventy-five percent of the twenty-nine artists featured are over the age of 60. This impressive representation of senior artists only exemplifies the thought that true artists never retire...they only become more seasoned!

The exhibit will also feature pieces by New Orleans’ own, Terrence Osburne, Michele Lambert, "visual poet" artist Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney and acclaimed artist Sheila Phipps. Many of these works are city inspired pieces that reflect the extraordinary history and traditions that have set the city of New Orleans apart from anywhere else in the world.

“Seasoned en Vieux” will run through January 12, 2015. The artists will be present at the opening reception Friday, December 19th from 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. Gallery hours are Monday – Friday 1:00 – 4:00 p.m., and by appointment.

For additional information please contact Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney 504.645.6168 or

 For media information, contact:
Angelique Christina

Seasoned en Vieux:Wear its At!

"White Phoenix" Coat~Alfred Tumblin & Beesigye Ogden, designers


The Choker!
Side View of Choker.
In background is "Cocoon"~ Silk River metals

Seasoned en Vieux: Bienvenue Jesse!

"Jesse's Birds"~ Jesse Freeman, artist
"Violette Femme"~Jesse Freeman,artist
Ms. Jesse (r) she is a very interesting and strong woman.

Seasone en Vieux: What I do Know Brava Gwen Smith

The last three weeks putting together this exhition together, something that normally takes months to plan & flesh out have had a number of serendipitous moments.
Many people have re-entered my life, others were ushered into my life...
This young woman was one that was ushered in by happenstance as I was rapidly trying to make this puzzle fit in a short period of time with no budget, an abundance of ideas and with help from seasoned neighbors and other who cheered it on.
One afternoon, a week ago Gwen Smith walked into what we now called Galerie 1501 with another artist who was dropping off her art work.  I mistakenly assume Gwedolyn was with her only to find out later they didn't. Upon chatting awhile I learned she is a graduate of NOCCA and was classically trained. I told her what we were doing there in this pop up gallery and what I had envisioned for this Friday event.
My gut instinct was screaming that there was something extra special about this woman andhow she comported herself. I asked her if she was willing to come and perform without having heard a single note.   After we "talked turkey" on impulse, I asked her if she could sing just a few bars honoring the fact that she was not properly warmed up.  My mouth dropped when she did a bit of "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child" by composer Henry "Harry" Thacker Burleigh.
I had not realized that I had started tearing up, as I was absolutely moved. The other artists listening to her were crying openly.
This is no doubt about it, one of those good times my instincts was on target.
Ms. Smith will perform on Friday December 19th,2014  at the private patron,artists and supporters event at the Galerie 1501's Seasoned en Vieux (A Seasoned View)  exhibition.
Enable images to view "Seasoned en Vieux" Private Showing
Her first rendition will be:
"Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child"~Henry "Harry" Thacker Burleigh, classical composer, arranger, and professional singer

Her  second selection will be:
PRESTO PRESTO, written by: Giovanni Battista Mazzaferrata,

The Italian Ariar

Gwen Smith is a graduate of the world renowned, NEW ORLEANS CENTER FOR THE CREATIVE ARTS of New Orleans, Louisiana.
Ms. Smith is a trained Lyric Soprano, in Classical Music. Gwen cantored for many churches around the city. Gwen is a Music Laureate in her own right with her vocal repertoire consist of Latin, Spanish, Italian and German. In the Cultural Community many have referred to her, " Gwen 's voice is the musical "Balm of Gilead" that has the ability to heal the sinned,sick soul".
 Another Music Lover state's: "Upon hearing her sing is a tear dropper. The Human Spirit will be touched".
A True Artist, Ms. Smith is graciously humbled when audiences come to hear her perform.


Irma White< Studio Art Quilts

In 2007, after seeing a quilt made by her sister in law, Irma immediately caught the quilting bug.  With no formal training, but an eye for coordinating fabrics, she began to creatr beautiful, vibrant quilts.
One of her quilts,Mardi Gras Mambo, is featured in Quilt Magazine,a major quilting publication.

"Taking Off the Mask"~ Irma White,artist

to the right of Irma is "What I See" By Darzelia Valcius (top)
"Sweet Olive Sunrise" by Karel Sloane Boekbinder (bottom)

Irma's "Meditating His Goodness" is to the left.
 On the right is "Hannibal" by Dianne "Mimi" Baquet

While installing the show


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Seasoned en Vieux: Gathering Together

Before the Soft Opening:

Finishing touches on "White Phoenix"

Alfred Tumblin, designer

"Dread" ~Ransome McCormick,artist
Jesse Freeman (r), artist
"Violetta Femme"~Jesse Freeman
Ann Cooper artist
Ann Cooper,artist with "Blueswoman, Bessie Smith"


A couple walking off the street to watch the maestro at work. Alfred Tumblin with the White Phoenix coat.


Seasoned en Vieux exhibition: Heart & Soul... It is Time...

This is a exceptional imagery is created by Michele Lambert.  The 60x36 powerful, poignant & pregnant with all the raw emotions of the still, most cataclysmic diaster in U.S history was captured in this piece.

With August 2015 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina right around the corner, it is the expressed desire of the artist to have either a corporation, a art buyer/benefactor or an fiscal angel to purchase the piece but keeping it in a public domain for viewing.

It is not about the money, although as a working artist, she is no different then others needing to provide for herself.  But Michele has been very generous in donating numerous prints for fundraisers with the money going to charities. 

The original work in the Seasoned en Vieux exhibition running from December 16th- January 12th, 2015 as well as all the prints will go to the purchaser as it is time...

The artist hopes that whomever that patron/benefactor will sell the prints with the monies donated to the charity of their choice.

Michele Lambert feels it is time...If not sold by the August 2015 anniversary, the piece will be destroyed.

We cannot let that happen.

I alwaysbelieve it is to the artist to define what, when, why and how theydo what they do with their art.  I do believe this piece speaks volumes of that time in 2005, that some pretend to forget, or water down (no pun intended) or dismiss. But for those who experienced it, it is seared.

Below you will see parts of the art, but I am telling you, the pictures does not do the art justice.
You must come to  Galerie 1501 at 1501 Canal Street, New Orleans, La to see.  Operating hours MWF 12p-3p or call for appt.

The Galerie 1501 is taking no commission on this piece.
This is the heart & soul of the matter.