Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Standing in the Shadows workshops #1

We had a very nice turn out of both experienced & newbies for the overview of this experience.  The next class will be Sept 2, at 6pm.  You can check out the school on the links for Sept 2014.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

 I wrote this in part after reading a mighty good man's words celebrating his wive's devotion to care for him as he mightily endures a long, chronic, debilitating illness.  His hearfelt, deep and abiding love for her was/is palpable.



She Stayed..
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©14
She stayed...
She could've walked away like so many others
But she stayed.
She saw, was drawn to this man
In all his humanity
And decided to stay.
What can one say to this?
That may it be?
If that time would come...
Let it be
That I would walk the River Jordan
To do what needs to be done.
May I imitate the exemplarary
The extraordinary
Of the one that stayed...
And stayed...
And stayed...
And stayed some more.
And in that process
Paid whatever price was necessary
for that man in all his humanity.
Who could have that kind ofheart?
Or the patience...
Or the resiliences
Or that kind of love?
a fierce, mighty, mighty love
Amazing superlative love
These can be the ones
Or are the ones...
Who are the sum of it all...
As it should be
could be
Or ought to be...
Tht most of us fall mighty might short of...
while we roam vainly in the world
Of me,myself & I...
Her staying, may all the others who stayed be more and more...
Until that number is infinite
Until there is no more need
Like the one who stayed.

Standing in the Shadows Workshops 

August 26-November 25, 2014 (each Tuesday) | 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Ashé Cultural Arts Center | 1712 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd., NOLA
Free and open to the public


"Rara Avis"~JHM©14 In the Colection of Ilene Martinez, singer-songwriter
"Standing in the Shadows (No More)" is a series of narrative quilting workshops led by visual poet artist Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney.  These workshops will provide participants with opportunities to incorporate their own compelling personal stories as they create vibrant, jazzy, contemporary, quilted textile collages. During the workshops, an eclectic group of storytellers, poets, speakers, etc. will be engaged as part of the soul experience.

Finished quilts will be formally exhibited at Ashé Cultural Arts Center from March 3-April 30, 2015. "Standing in the Shadows" will then embark on a national & international tour in the fall of 2015 with its 2nd "thread" in Montpellier, France. This is not "just" a quilting class. Those interested do not need any sewing experience. Just by simply being willing to Cover Your HeART so Your Soul will be warmed while discovering millenniums-old tradition done in a contemporary vibe.  Be sure bring a pair of fabric scissors, and if you desire, fabrics you can share at this communal event.
"Standing in the Shadows (No More)" quilting workshops start August 26, 2014. Workshop sessions will be held each Tuesday through November 25, 2014. For more information, call Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney at 504-645-6168 or Karel Sloane-Boekbinder at (504) 569-9070.
Ashé Cultural Arts Center | 1712 Oretha Castle-Haley Blvd. | New Orleans | LA | 70113
Be'Seeching~ Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney© 02 Changed Waters Katrina series.  
 In the Collection of author Tina McElroy Ansa


Reveling"~JHM©13 Circular Thangs series
"Reveling3"~JHM©13 Circular Thang series

Do you have a recorded history?

The secret to reaching your goals may rest in the written word. Writing is a common theme through every stage of successful goal achievement. The act of writing creates a promise, and having that visual promise in front of you every day won't let you forget it. Got a problem remembering what goals you met last week? Start tracking them on a daily basis. No more guessing and fooling yourself. The only way to get a really accurate picture of your progress is to record what you've done when you do it. Got something to say or a breakthrough to announce? Write it in a journal. Journals can show you what works and what doesn't. And the stories of your success can be great motivators in the future, right when you need help the most. From pregnancy start to pregnancy finish, you can help your memory and your goals by putting ink to paper. It can make up for fading memory and keep motivation from fading at all

 Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney,artist
Photography by Gus Bennett for the New Orleans People Project ©2014

Friday, August 15, 2014

Things that May Appear Lost or Forgotten...

That Smile That Smile
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney ©07

How gorgeous is that smile/That holds the pledge of all things beautiful/ And the joy that comes from/ whatever it takes to get that smile/The promise that /we can work it out/That we bring about/That we do indeed/Be in possession of ourselves/radiates from that smile/ Shall we get to together?/Well just ask that smile/It roars/Yes, yes oh yes/We are doing something new/Not ventured forth/Before that smile/ It shimmies with a bounce of future times/Forward dreams/And cleaves to the possibilities/From yesterday/That laid all out there in that smile.

Vieux ta' Geauxx

Moon Vieux
(A Peekaboo Dance)
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©14

 The moon dances
A peekaboo
With the clouds
That lunar dame
Enshrouds her light
At some times
Ones are not allow to dim
Or to steal whatever is to be
Keeping them in suspense
Of her magnificence
Having no affectations or pretense.
Cradled in a crescent
Where east is north
Or a west bank that's really north.
That moon dance divinely shaped by tender hands of
the Divine...
Reflecting His Power
His Glory...
Lighting up for those
Who maybe lost who must...
Find The Way...
No need to shout
Just suspend & wait.
While from time to time
Dancing a peekaboo with the clouds
That enshrouds her light
At time to protect & preserve
That magnificence.
And then...
The light flashes
Trumpeting her emergence
From the rain clouds
That showers the earth
With her tears
While she does that peekaboo dance
Beyond the clouds.

All rights reservedJHM©8-10-50

August 10,2014 Super Moon photography by artist Cheree Teachout
Photo by Cheree

Thursday, July 24, 2014

This is Why God Made Poets

A young Langston Hughes

My poem was inspired by a comment from a friend Ann, a few weeks ago who is a lover of books.

This Why God Made Poets
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©14

To give voice to heART
To share of the words in words swirling dreams not easy to come by...
To unravel the tangled doing a tango...
To put glide in the slide
To rage...
To engage
To enslave
To mesmerize
To preen...
To be seen...
To gleen
The ending not yet begun
To gather
Or rather another way to be you.
Or me...
To go the way you want to glow.
Or find a place a space
Or in case
There's the one thing you want to try...
To give a scream a sound...
To round out the edges...
That may have one bound...
To take it back
To steal away...
To inscribe
Or arrive...
To zydeco in the moonlight when its cold outside
Or in the heart.
To awaken
To gallop at a frenzy
To unlock & release that sad heart imprisoned
And release a brain too tried...
To add bounce to the jive

(You ain't never lied)...

To carress sweet nothings in the nape of the neck...
And to a weary ear bombarded
With so much audio graffitti that it don't know the comings
And the goin'...
To declare
To swear
To bear...
To find rightness again...
To see humanity
And being kind & humane...
To speak for the muted
Or the blinded heart
Or the lost soul
And at the end of the day...
To simply say Amen
That is why God made poets.
All rights reserved JHM©14

Monday, June 30, 2014

Under My Fig Tree: Standing in the Shadows (No More)

"You often realize your true courage when you are discouraged, your deepest faith upon your deepest fall & your greatest triumph from your greatest trial"~Cory Booker

I will not let myself down nor the vision.  There will be a continuation, a plugging in until there is no breath, no shred of energy, no place else to turn.

And then I will make it happen.

Rhythm Cadence to the Left JHM14
 Rhythm Cadence2 the Right JHM14
 "Come on Down"!JHM13

Sometimes you just gotta step out there...

Please read, share or support in whatever way you can.  The smallest gesture can bring about radical change not only for the individual but ripple out in ways unimagined.


"Mes Petit Jolie" (My pretty Littles) JHM14